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09/16/11 10:16 AM #1    

Mark Levine

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03/01/12 06:15 AM #2    

Peter Stuart

Hello All,

I just completed my registration for the 40th reunion.

Imagine being able to say that without losing consciousness!!

Thank you Mark Levine for making this possible.

Peter Stuart

Oceanside , NY ( since 1978 )

03/01/12 08:02 PM #3    

Ed White

Mark, I also thank you very much for all of your hard work on the Reunion.

I sincerely look forward to seeing old friends.


03/03/12 09:12 PM #4    

Adrianna Sole Costa (Fox)

Hey Mark, I am very surprised people are not responding; you have gone above your expectations (but then again you always did) to get the job done; I appreciate all your work and efforts, the night will shine thanks to YOU,  BTW did you pick 5 de Mayo for me? lol

03/04/12 07:13 PM #5    

Christina Barros (Kramer)

Mark and other friends of NSHS:

I just registered for myself and my brother, Ric, whom many of you will remember.  Ric went with us through elementary school (Memorial School followed by Countryside ES), then Meadowbrook.  He chose to go to Valley Forge Military Academy after that, but he stayed in touch with many friends.  I'm glad he agreed to accompany me to this reunion.  My husband Jeff would have, too, but it would take too much coaxing and bargaining on my part :).

Many thanks to Mark for all the hard work.  We would be absolutely nowhere if he did not step up to the plate.

One more thought: I unfortunately do not have my high school year book anymore.  I hope those of you who still have yours will bring them to the reunion!


Chris Barros (now Kramer)

03/24/12 05:00 PM #6    

Jeff Cramer

Hi Mark;

Hope you and your family are well!

I will be sending in a check for the reunion within the week. I don't know if Barbi is going yet We'll see.

Mark Aronson and I have not missed one yet after all these years!

Thank you very much for all your hard work as always.I am sure everyone appreciates it as I do.

See you then and Go Sox!




Jeff Cramer                                     P.S.

                                         Bring the glove "YAZ"

                                         I have a glove and ball and my arm is like H.S.



03/24/12 10:25 PM #7    

Ruth Brown (Camerato)

Mark. This is the best. It always is when you do hings.  This site has brought me back together with so many friends. It brings me so many smiles. I can't wait for he reunion. It's going to be a blast   Thnk you. 

04/21/12 10:23 AM #8    

Florence Levene (Drattler-Gold)

Hi Mark and Classmates - 

I am truly sory that I will not be able to attend the Reunion this year.  My work schedule will just not allow it.  All my best to my many friends from NSHS - I will be with you in spirit!

Florence [Levene] Drattler-Gold

05/06/12 12:55 AM #9    


Abby Isenberg (Sorrell)

To Mark and all our classmates: What a terrific evening!  Levi and I had a splendid evening!  smiley

05/06/12 09:06 AM #10    

Joseph Paulini


Thanks again for all of your hard work and dedication to make a wonderful evening happen. We were all blessed by your efforts.

With gratitude,

Joe Paulini

05/07/12 05:17 PM #11    

Jack Starr


great work making this all happen

the evening reached all my expectations

50 will be here b/4 you know it

cant wait

05/07/12 06:39 PM #12    


Susan Cutler (Hotz)

Hello Mark,

The 40th reunion was great and I know a lot of hard work to get us to respond.  I found your efforts very worth while and look forward to the next one. 45th or 50th?   It should be a group effort next time. Put my name on the list to work with the group. I know that those that did not come really missed out on NHS memories.

Thank you again for you time.


Susan Cutler Hotz

05/15/12 07:58 AM #13    

Bobby Hahn

Hi Mark,

Fantastic Job! Might have been one of the largest reunion turnouts of all classes and it is all due to your efforts.

Thanks Again.

Bobby Hahn

05/21/12 07:49 AM #14    


Diane Taber (Glick)



Sorry I couldn't make the 40th event, the photos are wonderful and clearly everyone had a great time!



Diane Taber Glick

05/21/12 06:22 PM #15    

Florence Levene (Drattler-Gold)

I agree with Diane Taber Glick - it looks like everyone had a wonderful time and I am truly sorry to have missed this event.  Hope to see you all next time around!

Florence [Levene] Gold

05/28/12 03:44 PM #16    


Diane Taber (Glick)


Maybe if we planned a 45th anniversary well in advance we could all attend.  I had work restraints as well but truly regret missing the event!

Diane Taber Glick

09/29/19 03:38 AM #17    

Judith (Jena) Bellin

If anyone is still active on this site, would anyone be interested in or planning a 50th reunion? 

09/29/19 01:56 PM #18    


Diane Taber (Glick)

It’s crazy that our class was “just” celebrating 40 years and now we’re almost at 50 years!  

I would be interested even though I live in Boca Raton, Florida.

09/30/19 02:57 PM #19    

Tim Davis

I would go. I'm in NYC. 



10/01/19 07:53 AM #20    

Eric Tucker

Would be nice to reconnect again in 2022. Count me in! Eric Westchester County NY

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